Friday, December 7, 2012


Let's face it wether you have kidlets or not, time seems to fly faster these days.  Taking hours isn't the name of my game, nor is repainting my nails every two days.

 Move over Oprah cause my favorite things are going to whip your favorite things buns (mostly because the average Joe can afford mine) 

Gelish Nail Polish System 
The polish stays looking perfectly shiny & chip free for up to 3 weeks! (Can you hear the heavenly angels singing? Uhhhh-ahhhh!! Operatic, isn't it?)

You will need:

Gelish Base Coat
Gelish or Daisy Color (Diva Shown)
Gelish Top Coat
Smudge Stick (for tidying mistakes)
Rubbing Alcohol (90% or higher)
UV or LED Lamp for curing (I have UV)

Everything can be found at Sallies but the $varies 
Polish runs $14 a bottle & the lamps range from $70-$140 depending on the size.  But let me remind ya'll that this will pay for itself after a few missed salon trips & IT DOSEN'T CHIP ;) so you are good to go for 3 weeks & in a matter of bubbas nap time BAM...your all cute again!!

Here's a quick tutorial...

 Happy Glamming Friendlys!! 

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