Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Is it by chance that we meet certain people in this life?  I really don’t believe in chance. Or luck for that matter.  I believe in blessings that result from making good choices in life.  With that said I also believe that sometimes bad choices can lead us to good things, teaching us to be better people & therefore making better choices.  And my most cherished blessings would undoubtedly involve people.
Do you ever feel like suddenly you are smacked in the face with all you’ve been blessed with? Lately, I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed by a loving family & special friends.   It’s truly miraculous to step back, pause, & reflect upon those people in our lives who sincerely care about us. Care for our heart aches.  Care for our future potential.  Care for our happiness.
I’ve been blessed with such people so it only seems right to pay it forward.  Creating happiness through creativity.  All the while finding inspiration for creativity through happiness.  Sharing positive messages through daily experience.  Meanwhile preserving precious memories for myself & one day my children.  A viral diary to share these milestones w/ those that have blessed me so tremendously.  After all, all this means nothing if not for them.

I guess thats why......
XOXO, Nicole

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