Monday, April 23, 2012

LOVE is in the DETAILS....

LOVE is in the DETAILS....

Step 1.) I have a great idea...

I have this Bestie you see, she's been a part of me since we were 3 {actually it was more like birth but the rhyme was cute sooo} 

Anywho, a couple months back the Husby & I were love birdin it {AWE, tender, right?} at home doing the whole movie thing. Bridsmaids was on the tube & the take out was flowing, along w/ the wine, which brings be to....

Step 2.) The plan!!! Here goes so listen up.

Suddenly found myself lost in a nostalgic mess of childhood memories.
HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY ;) Wilson Phillips was our jams, 20 years ago. So I decided what better way to celebrate my besties upcoming B.Day than w/ a lil video montage to the tune of the song that defines our childhood years right???

Step 3.) The Execution {the good kind people, lets not take this to a weird place K}

Everyone chipped in to get me tons o' pix of the Birthday girl & the video was a success. So naturally I had to plan a great lunch to give my girl some R&R & share a little gossip w/ our crew. 

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY KK

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